Smart DDI: Smart Business Needs Smarter Networks Every IT department can bear witness to the dramatic increase in network demands driven by the proliferation of IP based and mobile devices (BYOD), the massive expansion of virtualization or the concentration of critical applications in data centers, or the pending IPv6 transition. These market trends are adding extreme pressure on company network services regardless of size, complexity, and business focus. To fully support the agility, performance and quality your business requires, you need to implement a cost effective, easy-to-use, and flexible DDI solution.

Integrated DDI, VLANs and Device Interfaces Management Solution

EfficientIP's Smart DDI solution offers comprehensive and integrated management of DNS-DHCP-IPAM and VLANs-VRF with devices and their network interfaces in a single process. SOLIDserver™ DDI appliance defines and manages the complex relationships between all of these IP related resources. This unique holistic solution ensures unmatched automation of DDI deployment processes delivering true support of business operations objectives.

EfficientIP provides a comprehensive suite of features to intelligently simplify and automate the design, deployment and management of IP network infrastructures:

  • Unified and integrated management of DNS-DHCP-IPAM with VLANS/VRF organizations and network device interfaces repository
  • Native capacity to integrate Enterprise policies automating best practices enforcement
  • Enterprise provisioning process modeling and automation
  • Holistic reconciliation management of the network infrastructure

SOLIDserver™ Smart DDI technology ensures high availability, security and automation to guarantee that your network infrastructure will actively support your business imperatives. This unique comprehensive DDI solution delivers high availability, elastic scalability, and advanced security all built on a policy-driven management and automation foundation. This is how EfficientIP defines the next generation of DDI solutions.

Smart DDI Key Benefits

  • Holistic visibility, control and management of the network infrastructure
  • Decrease operating costs: Efficiently support your Company’s growth and productivity with intelligent policy-driven deployment automation
  • Team work efficiency with smart tasks delegation and DDI work flow management
  • Increase network reliability and security with error-free configurations, centralized management and best practices enforcement
  • Anticipate problems with pro-active services monitoring, user-defined reports and network asset tracking