SmartArchitecture™: DHCP - DNS Architecture Management

Even though DNS & DHCP architecture configurations have been simplified with a GUI (Graphical User Interface), it is still complex and expensive. It requires experts to deploy and configure all servers in coherent environments of DNS & DHCP services. There is no process to check the relevance of your server configurations against your needs and best practices. This complexity increases the risks in terms of security and availability of your network services.

EfficientIP offers the SmartArchitecture™, a unique technology to intelligently simplify and automate design, deployment and management of vital DNS & DHCP services. This technology ensures:
  • Secure and reliable architecture designs
  • Intelligent policy-driven deployment automation for best practices enforcement
  • Comprehensive unified management for complete control of your DNS-DHCP infrastructure
SmartArchitecture™ is compatible with EfficientIP's SOLIDserver™ DNS & DHCP appliances, Microsoft® Windows DNS & DHCP servers, and Linux servers (ISC Bind and ISC DHCP) providing a smooth integration with existing services.

SmartArchitecture™: Secure and Automated Deployment of DNS & DHCP

SmartArchitecture™ is an innovative approach to DNS & DHCP services management that dramatically simplifies design, deployment and administration of your critical network services.

SOLIDserver™'s SmartArchitecture™ is state-of-the-art consistent policy-driven templates of DNS & DHCP architectures: DNS Master-Slave Multi-master DNS, Stealth DNS, DNS load sharing, DHCP cluster, DHCP failover one-to-one, DHCP one-to-many (DHCP Star failover) and Microsoft® DHCP split scope.

Deploying DNS and DHCP services is now fast, easy and secure with EfficientIP's SmartArchitecture™.

In addition, EfficientIP's SmartArchitecture™ is fully compatible and enables automated deployment of Hybrid DNS Architectures. You can easily design, deploy and manage a DNS architecture with servers running BIND and servers running NSD with SmartArchitecture™ templates.

DNS-DHCP Active-Active Failover for Carrier-Class High Availability

Network services high availability is the key to your company operations continuity and competitiveness. EfficientIP has dedicated high availability designs of the SmartArchitecture™ ensuring DNS & DHCP service continuity to users and applications. Active-Active failover mechanisms deliver immediate swap in case of a failed server, transparent to business operations.

SmartArchitecture™: Automated Management of DNS & DHCP

SmartArchitecture™ intelligently separates the architecture design and setup phase from the daily operations phase. You do not have to be an expert to manage configurations such as the creation of new zones and RRs; they are transparently and appropriately applied to the SmartArchitecture™ servers according to the template design. The delegation of the daily service configuration is therefore easy and under full control. In the end, SmartArchitecture™ is about delegating the tedious tasks to your DNS & DHCP management tool and focusing on what’s really important, the service itself!!

EfficientIP's SmartArchitecture™ will save time and avoid configuration mistakes, thus guaranteeing reliable, secure and compliant DNS & DHCP services.

Multi-Vendors DNS & DHCP Disaster Recovery

The centralized management appliance stores, in real time, all remote server configurations from service to network and system parameters. When a remote DNS or DHCP server crashes, all you need to do is to plug in a new server and include it in the appropriate SmartArchitecture™. The configuration will then be pushed down to the new server, the way it was right before the crash, without any loss of data. It's about having confidence in your DNS and DHCP services availability and your capacity to act fast if a server crashes. The SmartArchitecture™ helps get services up-and-running in the shortest period of time.

Flexible DNS & DHCP Architecture Change Management

It is very easy to add or remove DNS/DHCP servers from the architecture; or even change the architecture design (migrate from Master-Slave to Stealth DNS). The centralized management appliance that automatically applies configuration file modifications on all SmartArchitecture™ servers carries out the overall change.

This unique SmartMotion capability of the SmartArchitecture™ brings flexibility, control and scalability to your critical DNS-DHCP infrastructure.