EfficientIP's IP Address Management solution for Microsoft® delivers a complementary technology with a high value-added suite of features, not made available by Microsoft®. SOLIDserver™ IPAM integrates seamlessly with Microsoft® DNS and DHCP servers enabling unified, automated and policy-driven management for higher security, reliability and scalability of the network infrastructure.

Agentless IP Address Management Solution for Microsoft®

SOLIDserver™ IPAM for Microsoft® is an agentless solution that requires no additional software to be installed on Microsoft® DNS and DHCP servers. EfficientIP's solution can remotely configure and monitor all DNS and DHCP records and secure protocols used by Microsoft® DNS-DHCP services. These protocols, based on strong authentication, integrate the components of the Active Directory architecture and Name Controllers.

Automated Management of IP Addresses with DNS & DHCP Services

Based on an intuitive and efficient web interface, SOLIDserver™ DDI appliance streamlines resource qualifications and consumption, while maintaining full control of data consistency across the complete IP addressing plans, VLAN organizations and DNS-DHCP architectures. SOLIDserver™'s high level of automation capacity increases process administration efficiencies, allowing simplified delegation of administrative tasks.

Microsoft® DNS & DHCP Disaster Recovery Process

SOLIDserver™ enables simple, fast and secure disaster recovery processes. SOLIDserver™ stores all required information for Microsoft® DNS and DHCP services recovery in its embedded database.

In the event of a Microsoft® DHCP server crash, SOLIDserver™ will push the complete configuration of the crashed server onto a new server, with the exact configuration it had prior to the crash without any manual tasks. All risks of conflicting IP address allocation are eliminated.

SmartArchitecture™: Managing Microsoft® DHCP & DNS Architectures

SmartArchitecture™ is a new approach to IPAM and DNS-DHCP services management designed to drastically simplify deployment and administration of your network services.

SmartArchitecture™ is a library of state-of-the-art templates of DNS-DHCP architectures, applied on a group of Microsoft® servers to automatically deploy and manage the architecture as a single entity from the centralized management IPAM appliance.

SOLIDserver™ SmartArchitecture™ is a breakthrough in Microsoft® network services management efficiency, bringing unmatched levels of reliability, scalability and flexibility.

Key Benefits of IPAM Solution for Microsoft®

  • Unified visibility and control for a global management of IPAM-DNS-DHCP with VLAN and network interfaces
  • Advanced task automation to improve your Service Level Agreement and cut costs
  • Resolution of search list issues with multiple domains
  • Naming protection
  • Automated split scope DHCP management
  • Advanced custom reports and service monitoring (threshold alert) for proactive management and efficient troubleshooting
  • Work flow and granular right delegation
  • Discovery of network devices
  • Active IP address connection tracking (Switch/Port/VLAN/Name)