Simple and Secure DNSSEC Deployment and Management

Implementing protection mechanisms in your DNS infrastructure is essential to ensuring service high availability and security. DNS is one of the most important services required for Internet and corporate networks. Without DNS, applications and tools simply won't work.

DNS implemented without the proper protection leaves the entire network vulnerable to attacks such as DDoS or cache poisoning. These types of attacks on your DNS infrastructure can have disastrous results, including privacy breaches and lost revenue.

Easy DNSSEC Deployment and Management

DNSSEC integration and management with DNS service is a high profile concern for IT administration. DNSSEC security mechanism provides integrity and authenticity of DNS data, eradicating the risks of data corruption. It is a complex operation that must be carefully planned and executed as any error could lead to serious and costly network anomalies.

With SOLIDserver™, EfficientIP automates and simplifies DNSSEC implementation by providing a centralized and unified approach to DNS service management. SOLIDserver™ eliminates complexity and errors by automating critical operations. The user-friendly Web interface gives users full control to enforce DNSSEC Best Practices.

SOLIDserver™ offers:
  • Simplified signature of zones
  • Automated signing keys (ZSK and KSK) generation, management and roll over
  • Guaranteed DNSSEC keys confidentiality with SOLIDserver™ KeyRing
  • Automated Management of asymmetric cryptography key, DNSSEC Resource Records, Trust Anchors, and Delegation Signers
  • NSEC and NSEC3 supported applying denial of existence
  • DLV (DNSSEC Lookaside Validation)
SOLIDserver™ DDI suite of appliances is integrated with Thales nShield Connect HSM to ensure simple DNSSEC key management with the highest levels of security.

DNSSEC Control

SOLIDserver™ provides complete visibility to all DNSSEC related data and single platform access: Monitor in real time DNS signed zones and DNSSEC settings Check and maintain compliance with Best Practices and corporate standards Generate customizable reports in accordance with your needs EfficientIP's DNS Security Extension solution is fully RFC compliantand is compatible with Linux-based infrastructures.