DNS and DHCP are mission critical network services and corporate assets. Without them, every other service, utility and application simply can't function. The critical nature of these services and the opportunity to cripple a business and/or network at a single point of failure puts DNS and DHCP squarely in the cross hairs for network attacks.

Every DHCP and/or DNS outage is costly in terms of decreased productivity, increased cost and lost revenue. The risk caused by not having a hardened DHCP and DNS deployment absolutely impacts future business and reputation. Without question, IT organizations must take every action to design, implement and pro-actively manage redundant, secure and reliable DHCP and DNS services.

EfficientIP offers a SOLIDserver™ suite of reliable DHCP and DNS appliances that address security, reliability and stability, and it is delivered with end-to-end automation.

DHCP & DNS Services High Availability Automation

EfficientIP's SmartArchitecture™ ensures DHCP and DNS services continuity through a unique approach combining service high availability and performance.

Automated DNS - DHCP Failover Deployments
EfficientIP's SmartArchitecture™ delivers flexible DNS and DHCP failover designs, for local and/or remote sites, enabling automated deployments, ensuring services availability and optimizing performances.
    DNS Master-Slave
  • Multi-Master DNS
  • Stealth DNS
  • DNS load sharing
  • DHCP failover one-to-one
  • DHCP cluster
  • Microsoft® DHCP Split Scope
SOLIDserver™ also delivers the added benefit of being the only appliance solution that offers fully automated deployment of the DHCP Star-failover architecture (many-to-one). With this capability, SOLIDserver™ guarantees service continuity with fewer servers, reducing investment and cost of operation.

Built-in DHCP & DNS Disaster Recovery
SOLIDserver™ DDI appliance enables simple, fast and secure multi vendor DNS and DHCP disaster recovery processes. In a few easy steps a server or a complete architecture can be recovered from the centralized management platform.

Protect Your DHCP & DNS services Against Attacks

Detect, Protect, Remediate: DNS Guardian offers in-depth analysis of DNS transactions to detect attacks, to protect with adapted counter measures and to remediate attacks by identifying their source.

Protect Against DDoS Attacks: DNS Blast supports up to 17 millions queries per second, per appliance; therefore, it can absorb any traffic flow coming from DDoS attacks.

Mitigate DNS Zero Day Vulnerabilities: Hybrid DNS Engine offers 3 technologies (BIND, NSD, Unbound) in 1 appliance to eliminate single point of failure following security alerts on standard DNS technologies.

Achieve 100% DNS Availability: DNS Cloud integrates Amazon Web Services Route 53 and provides you with the ability to manage an in-house and cloud DNS infrastructure from a single management console.

Protect Against DNS Malware: EfficientIP's DNS Firewall proactively protects SOLIDserver™ appliances and Linux-based DNS infrastructures by detecting and blocking malware activity, identifying infected devices and preventing new attacks.

Automate DNSSEC Deployment and Management: DNSSEC eliminates the risks of data corruption and makes sure that data is authentic. EfficientIP's DNSSEC Management Solution automates and simplifies the integration of DNSSEC on DNS servers, eliminating the complexity of configurations and the risks of misconfigurations.

Deploy Robust Stealth DNS Architectures: A robust architecture is the foundation of DNS; therefore, it is the best way to protect DNS services. The Stealth DNS model, which effectively hides the DNS architecture from clients, provides the most secure DNS architecture protection from attacks. With all other products, configuring Stealth DNS architecture is at best a complex and cumbersome process. However, with EfficientIP's SmartArchitectures™, Stealth DNS set up and configuration are completed quickly and easily without any special or specific DNS expertise required.

Thwart DHCP Denial of Service Attacks (DoS): EfficientIP's DHCP appliances analyze client behavior identifying DoS attacks and preventing the interruption of services.

SOLIDserver™ DHCP and DNS Suite of Appliances

The EfficientIP DHCP and DNS suite of appliance is branded "SOLIDserver™" and is delivered on a wide range of software and hardware models that match requirements from very small branch offices to the largest enterprises and service providers. SOLIDserver™ software appliances can be installed on dedicated servers or on Vmware virtual servers. EfficientIP's appliances are fully compliant with the IPv6 protocol, including DNS64, NAT64, DHCPv6... (Learn more about EfficientIP's IPv6 management solution).

Upgrades can be done server by server allowing progressive upgrades and eliminating all operational risks linked to restarting an entire service.

EfficientIP's DHCP and DNS appliances offer unparalleled service performance, up to 6,000 requests per second for the DHCP service and up to 17 million queries per second for the DNS service.