Virtualization enables administrators to install multiple operating systems and multiple applications on a single server without compatibility issues. Applications are isolated from one another, so if one of them crashes the others are not affected.

Virtualization helps administrators optimize CPU utilization, save costs related to hardware and maintenance, quickly and easily deploy resources and ensure high availability services. However, it also makes your network infrastructure more complex to manage and that is why EfficientIP developed solutions for IPAM, DNS and DHCP services management in virtual as well as physical environments.

Intelligent Network Discovery in Virtual Environments

In physical environments, IT administrators sometimes find it difficult to determine exactly how their resources are spread across their network: which switch is connected to which port, which ports are free and reusable. It is even more difficult in virtualized environments, since administrators cannot check the physical wires.

NetChange is a network discovery tool that offers industry-leading network reconciliation capabilities. NetChange identifies and archives any changes in IP or MAC address locations on the network. It provides a global view of the company's stations' mobility by address offset - switch, slot, port and VLAN offset of an IP and/or a MAC address. The displayed and archived information shows when, where and who was connected (and remains connected) so that IP and MAC movements can easily be tracked.

Discoveries made by NetChange trigger alerts when an unknown device is detected on the network. Thanks to discovery results, it becomes easy to locate and remove an infected station for optimal response to security alerts.

Automated DNS and DHCP Services Deployment for Virtual Network Infrastructures

With the SmartArchitecture™, EfficientIP offers a new approach to IPAM and DNS-DHCP services management to drastically simplify deployment and administration of network services. The SmartArchitecture™ provides the capability to deploy and manage DNS-DHCP services at the architecture level.

SmartArchitecture™ is a library of state-of-the-art templates of DNS-DHCP architectures, applied on a group of Multi-Vendor servers (Microsoft®, Open source, SOLIDserver™) to automatically deploy and manage the architectures as a single entity. A SmartArchitecture™ can be applied to physical and virtual servers.

Unified Management of IPAM, DNS & DHCP Services

EfficientIP SOLIDserver™ solution offers comprehensive and integrated management of IPAM, DNS and DHCP services, VLANs/VRF and device interfaces in a single process, ensuring the highest levels of quality and efficiency. Network administrator tasks are dramatically reduced and simplified. SOLIDserver™ is fully compatible with Microsoft® and open source virtual technologies and can manage mixed architectures.

EfficientIP DDI Virtual Appliance Suite

EfficientIP has created a suite of IPAM-DNS-DHCP virtual appliances that combines the benefits of virtualization with the performance of EfficientIP hardware appliances. EfficientIP's virtual appliances are fully compatible and run seamlessly on VMWare® and Microsoft® Hyper-V virtual machines.