SOLIDserver™ Service Provider Extension (SPX) is a unique market solution providing built-in functionalities allowing registration, provisioning, planning and management of IP addressing and naming services for operators' networks. SOLIDserver™ automates the declarations to the RIRs, offering the ability to quickly deploy new services while creating robust architectures.

SOLIDserver™ Service Provider Extension (SPX) Key Benefits:
  • Optimizes the consumption of IP resources (addresses, subnets, blocks)
  • Models, standardizes and automates administrative procedures
  • Simplifies the delegation of resource deployments with collaborative work tools

Complete Life-Cycle RIR Declaration Management and Automation

The assignment of Internet IP addresses is governed by rules to which the operators have to refer and comply with. SOLIDserver™ integrates these rules in order to streamline and industrialize the declarations to the RIR:

  • Aggregation: Ensure assignment of 80% of allocated IP addresses by the RIPE before requesting new allocation from the RIPE
  • Registration: Register all required IP address assignments
  • Conservation: Archive all exchanges with RIPE

Thanks to graphical assistants, the user is guided step-by-step, to allocate the addresses for his/her customers. SOLIDserver™ completes those processes by automatically checking required information such as the assignment window, by covering registration deletions, and by importing data and storing all exchanges to the RIR. All specific RIR objects have a built-in management of their entire life cycle: Person, Maintainer, Inetnum, Inet6num, Allocated PA / PI, Assigned PI / PA, LIR partition, Domain, Suballocation, Autnum/AS Number, Maintainer & Multi Maintainer.