Device configuration and management is a major network maintenance expenditure on every network. Even when done carefully and correctly, the time, effort and expense your company devotes to configuring network devices are considerable. However, when people occasionally make configuration errors, costs skyrocket.

Network Change Management: Ensure Network Availability & Reduce Administration Costs

EfficientIP's NetChange gives you automated configuration of your network – enterprise-wide, policy-based, highly visible, secure, reversible, delegatable and auditable. By automating the configuration of your network’s switches, NetChange dramatically reduces your network maintenance expenses. It virtually eliminates costly downtime due to configuration errors. NetChange puts you in control of your network.

Because NetChange integrates with your IP Address Management (IPAM) tool, its perspective on the network is perfectly accurate and complete. With NetChange, your company can

  • Significantly reduce the time and expense of using skilled resources for configuration tasks
  • Avoid stumbling into unplanned, resource-draining troubleshooting sessions to solve downtime problems
  • Authorize, monitor and track configuration changes for security, accountability and compliance
  • Centrally control your entire network’s configuration

NetChange: Network Discovery, Configuration, and Reconciliation

Network Devices and Switch Discovery
NetChange includes a network discovery tool to locally or remotely discover, identify and inventory the physical and virtual devices and their connections on your network. For each IP and MAC address discovered, NetChange provides detailed information (switch name, switch slot, switch port, switch description, switch OS version, VLAN number, switch status, port speed, link status, first seen and last seen). NetChange then keeps the current data, delivering long-term change tracking and meaningful usage trend analysis.

NetChange’s thorough network discoveries provide comprehensive visibility of network resource deployment and usage, delivering unparalleled resource control, from organization scheme and deployment to resources consumption and procurement.

Unified and Automated Network Device Deployment
NetChange easily integrates administrator defined policies and automates their deployment, simplifying switch configuration and deployment using wizard driven templates. NetChange enforces best practices and ensures compliancy with corporate's rules.

Network Data Reconciliation
NetChange offers Advanced Network Data Reconciliation Management: Tracking changes, detecting unauthorized MAC addresses, and executing quick and accurate troubleshooting Reallocating unused IPs and network interfaces to avoid purchasing useless, costly devices Identifying non compliant switch configurations and deployment

Network Configuration Delegation
NetChange allows administrators to easily delegate the configuration of switches to their teams and therefore control network deployment.

True Network Reconciliation and Unified Management
NetChange is a fully integrated solution to SOLIDserver™ DNS-DHCP-IPAM (DDI) appliance suite, VLAN Manager and Device Manager delivering end-to-end management of IT infrastructure.

NetChange discoveries can be matched up to Device Manager, VLAN and DDI repositories for a true and complete reconciliation capability inclusive of IP address connections to network device interfaces and VLANs.

NetChange Key Benefits

  • Increases network uptime and availability by eliminating human errors
  • Reduces operating costs by automating administrator tasks
  • Gives full visibility of LAN and Datacenter infrastructures
  • Enhances security by detecting unauthorized devices and tracking changes
  • Identifies unused network resources to leverage investments and optimize capacity planning
  • Increases productivity through role-based delegation
  • Ensures Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance with policy-based deployments