We are an Australian owned and operated company. Our service centres are based in Melbourne and all engineers are based within Australia. INVETICO has only experienced personel who are certified and accredited to deal with a multitude of IT Infrastructure security, service and management.

We provides a service which addresses your Company’s needs fundamentally. Providing a solution by implementing the right product backed up with the highest service ethics ensures INVETICO’s sound reputation in the industry.

Who We Are:

INVETICO provides a simplified, sensible solution to your company’s IT infrastructure requirements. We pride ourselves in delivering results while maintaining your company network integrity. INVETICO IT Infrastructure made sexy!

Why We Exist:

With the evolution of technology, there has come a need to manage the spaces used by IP devices. INVETICO recognises the imminent need to address the gap between the influx of devices with the management of those devices. Using a collaborative approach with you our clients, we seek to establish your requirements and provide you with a dedicated and specific IT product to keep your network infrastructure safe and productive.

What We Offer:

Fundamentally, we offer a service which surpasses expectations. Understanding the importance of IT infrastructures and its crucial impacts to business, we offer products which seamlessly integrate with your existing operating systems and ensures network integrity. INVETICO offers a multitude of products tailored to suit your organisational IT infrastructure requirements. A dedicated solution simplified and efficient.